2023 Talks & Workshops

Dates TBC

If you would like to book these workshops for the parents of your school please contact Juliette directly at juliettemwillett@gmail.com / 07876566269

Unlock Your Parenting Potential: Navigating Ego States for Happier Families.  

Would you like to enhance your parenting skills and create a more nurturing and harmonious family environment? Successful parenting often depends on ‘where’ in our personality we are communicating from.

Juliette & Laura will delve into the concept of ego states – the different “parts” of yourself that influence your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Understand how ego states can be functional or structural, and how they impact your parenting style.

Through insightful discussions, you’ll have the opportunity to identify your own ego states, recognise patterns of behaviour, and gain a new perspective on your parenting journey. Learn practical techniques to shift from a critical parenting stance to a nurturing one. Discover how to be more compassionate with both yourself and your teens, fostering a loving and supportive family environment. So you can become the parent you aspire to be.


Building Bridges Not Walls: Setting boundaries with teens

Navigating teen years can feel like a balancing act. How do you give them the freedom they crave while ensuring they’re safe and responsible? No doubt you hear about setting boundaries everywhere, but what does this actually look like?

In this workshop, Laura and Juliette will focus on all things boundaries. We consider what motivates your boundary setting, as well as barriers to being able to set healthy boundaries with your teen.  Through engaging exercises, uncover your personal relationship with boundaries, how they might influence your parenting decisions and learn how to implement them effectively with your teen.

Transforming Family Dynamics: A Workshop about going from Drama to Winners.  

Are you tired of getting caught in the never-ending drama with your children?  Do you sometimes feel like a referee in your own home?  Perhaps you find yourself trying to rescue your teen from their problems?  Or, do you unintentionally take on the role of persecutor in moments of frustration?

Join Juliette & Laura for an engaging and enlightening workshop that will empower you as parents to break free from unconscious destructive patterns and create a more harmonious family environment. 

In this interactive session we will explore The Drama Triangle and its counterpart, The Winners Triangle, where you will gain practical strategies for transitioning from Drama to Winner enabling you to navigate the ups and downs of family conflicts with confidence.

Unlocking the Emotional Code: A Workshop in Emotional Connection.  

Navigating the rollercoaster of teenage years can be both rewarding and challenging.

Emotions play a huge part in your relationship with your teenager, but how do you understand your own emotions and theirs as well?

In this workshop, Laura and Juliette will dive deep into the world of emotions. You will gain a better understanding of the role of emotions, as well as your own relationship to them. This includes the opportunity to reflect on how your response to emotions impacts your relationship with your teenager and ways in which you might do this differently, along with practical ideas to help your teens manage their emotional experiences.