Workshop Feedback

Everyone should attend this workshop! It helped me to think differently about my emotional responses to situations and also to help better understand those of others around me. Juliette was really engaging and simplified the usual jargon so she was talking on everyone’s level. I will definitely come along to another of her workshops. Mrs B

As a man I have found it hard to express myself and my feelings. This workshop has enabled me to understand the value and purpose of ALL my emotions. Thankyou! Mr W

I really enjoyed this workshop. Juliette made it all so easy to understand by breaking emotions down. I love the way she delivers examples with humour. Mrs M – Family Support Worker

Thank you Juliette for the workshop today, it was very inspiring and it certainly made me look at my emotions with more ease. You presented it very well. Thankyou! Mrs H

I feel empowered to now understand I am in control and can choose how other peoples emotions affect me. Miss I